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What is Project Sanjeevani?
Project Sanjeevani focuses on creating Oxygen Parks by setting up Bamboo plantations across the country with the help of local landowners and cooperation of farmer communities. Digipe Foundation has partnered with entities engaged in end-to-end Bamboo plantation who will help facilitate in the creation of Oxygen Parks.
Where is Project Sanjeevani being launched?
Project Sanjeevani is a pan-India Project. However, the first of its Project is being launched at Meghamala, a small town in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh.
How do I involve myself in Project Sanjeevani?
You can involve yourself by Donating for 5 (five) or more Bamboo plants following the simple PROCESS. Your support is of great value to Project Sanjeevani.
How can I Donate?
You can Donate by following the simple PROCESS.
What are the details to be provided while making the Donation?
You are required to provide basic details such as (a) First Name (b) Last Name (c) Mobile Number (d) Email ID (e) PAN Number (if your Donation is above INR 2000/-).
What are the payment modes? Can I pay using UPI?
You can make the payment using any of the RBI approved payment modes i.e., Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm and using your UPI handle of any Bank in India. Alternatively, in the Payment section, we have enabled a QR Code also. Please SCAN the QR Code and complete your payment
Is there any minimum Amount for Donation?
Project Sanjeevani is all about making India Carbon Neutral and the Oxygen Park at Ichchapuram is a small and humble step towards our contribution to achieving this goal. For this purpose, it is suggested by experts that if each one of us, plant 5 (Five) Bamboo plants, then together we can make the difference and make India become 100% Carbon Neutral. Therefore, the minimum Donation (contribution) is for 5 (Five) Bamboo plants which is INR 250/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty only).
Is there any maximum Limit for Donation?
No. There is no such maximum Limit for supporting Project Sanjeevani. However, you will have to mandatorily provide your PAN Card Number if you are donating above INR 2000/-.
We are 4 (Four) members in our Family. I have Donated. Can my other Family Members also Donate?
Project Sanjeevani is not just an idea. It is a community movement committed to a greater social, environmental and national cause. Project Sanjeevani can only be successful with the support and contributions of many people like you. While we would like you to spread the awareness about Project Sanjeevani to your family and friends, we would like to abundantly clarify that Digipe Foundation does not compel and/or coerce or even influence anyone to contribute/donate for any of Digipe Foundation’s activities/initiatives. All contributions (Donations) to Digipe Foundation are voluntarily. Anyone who volunteers out of his/her own volution to support Project Sanjeevani, is welcome
What do I get once I make the payment for Donation?
You will get a Certificate in acknowledgement (ACKNOWLEDGEMENT CERTIFICATE) of your donation to Project Sanjeevani. This Certificate will also contain your Name, Reference ID and the Number of Bamboo Plants you have Donated. However, this Certificate is only a provisional acknowledgement as it will take a minimum of 3 (three) working days for us to get the payment receipt confirmation.
Do I get any Income Tax benefit for my Donation?
Yes. All Donations to Digipe Foundation are eligible for deductions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Once the credit is confirmed for the payment that you have made, on T+5 (i.e., within 5 (five) working days from the date of your payment), we will be sending you the 80G Certificate to your registered email address.
I just Donated for 5 (five) Bamboo Plants. What happens next?
All such Donations are pooled in by Digipe Foundation and then our Partner entity, assigned with the task of planting Bamboo Trees will be intimated with the number of Bamboo plants to be planted. We will be periodically updating our website with the status of Project Sanjeevani.
I Donated on Digipe Foundation website, how do I know the utilisation about my contribution?
As per the policy, for any amount of Donation received, Digipe Foundation is committed to updating periodically about the status of the Project. The notification includes the Stage in which the Project is at the time of update i.e., Cultivation of Land, Irrigation, Planting, Fertigation, Weed Management, Status of the growth of Bamboo plants by sharing of photo of the plantation site, it’s location on Google map etc. This process ensures transparency in our operations.