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Help Us Now Several thousands of devotees take part in ‘Giri Pradakshina’

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  • 2022-07-12
  • 4:00 PM
  • Seethammadhara

We are glad to share that we have conducted a social event by volunteering our own employees of Digipe Foundation, greeting people as they pass by the Seethammadhara ASR statue with Energy Drinks. The 32-KM journey is notable since there are 32 "Narasimha Kshetras" worldwide.
Seas of worshipers were present along various stretches of the 32-kilometre trip across the Simhachalam hill range on Tuesday night. The occasion was Sri VarahaLakshmiNarasimhaSwamy's "Giri Pradakshina," which is held annually.

On the "Tholi Pavancha," a facsimile of the deity, worshippers began their pilgrimage. The temple staff decked the chariot, which contained a facsimile of the god, with flowers and rode it through Simhachalam's streets to the location where worshippers may offer prayers. Devotees hiked from the "tholipavancha" temple at Appayyanagar at around 1 p.m, where they gave prayers before continuing their journey and intended to arrive by midnight. It was an immense experience conducting this event.