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PROJECT SANJEEVANI A million begins with One

Project Sanjeevani focuses on creating Oxygen Parks by setting up Bamboo plantations across the country with the help of local landowners and cooperation of farmer communities. Digipe Foundation has partnered with entities engaged in endto-end Bamboo plantation who will help facilitate in the creation of Oxygen Parks. Project Sanjeevani is a pan-India Project and to begin with, the Project is being launched at Meghamala, Sompeta and Ichchapuram locations in Andhra Pradesh


Bamboo Plants

Why Bamboo? Most Planet-friendly Plant in the World

Bamboo sequestrates highest carbon and best solution for global warming, Environmentally highly sustainable, generates rural employments.

More Oxygen

One person requires 740 Kgs of O2 every year and One Bamboo releases over 300 Kgs of Oxygen every year it's from 3rd year.

Soil Erosion

Bamboo can be grown on any type of soil, provide organic matter binds the soil together and control soil erosion.

Water Table

Absorbs large amounts of water and stores in its rhizomes, stems & in the soil which increases the water table.


Planting Bamboo is an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint, Temperature and air pollution.


Socio-Economic Impact Sustainability and Livelihood Promotion


All Donors will instantly receive Certificate of Acknowledgement upon completing the payment.


QR-based Tagging will enable Donor to identify his/her Plant.


Donor will be able to locate the Plant/Plantation vide Google Maps.


Donations to Digipe Foundation are eligible for deduction u/s 80G of the IT Act.

About UsDigiPe Foundation

Digipe Foundation, is a not-for-profit Organisation, incorporated under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956/2013, engaged in socio-economic and environmental projects with a mission to nurture the mother earth for a better future. The Foundation started off with the field of education, especially for the girl child and those who are under-privileged. The Foundation also launched a very compelling initiative of Planting Trees and successfully organized a Green Walkathon on the World Environment Day (5th June 2022) to create the much-needed awareness about saving our environment, protecting the bio-diversity and distributed over 150 tree saplings as part of the event. Project Sanjeevani, the flagship initiative, is Digipe Foundation’s commitment not just to the community but to the country at large through which an estimated 1 Crore Bamboo trees are to be planted by setting up Oxygen Parks across the Country thereby contributing to making India, 100% Carbon Neutral. Project Sanjeevani, to begin with will be launched at Meghamala followed by locations such as Sompeta and Ichchapuram in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh.

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